Toecutter Rainbow Old Dark Blue with Goggles Set

Rainbow Old Dark Blue Goggles Set
Toecutter Rainbow Old Dark Blue with Goggles SetToecutter Rainbow Old Dark Blue Goggles Set
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Model: Toecutter

Style: Rainbow Old

Helmet Colour: Dark Blue

Goggle Lens: The Goggles have 3 lens options:

  • clear
  • clear mirror
  • light smoke

Each lens has had surface treatment for:

  • UV filter cut
  • Anti-Fog
  • Anti-Scratch

This is a vintage style small full-face motorcycle helmet.

It's based on the BELL MOTOSTAR from the 1970s which was also used in the MAD MAX film.

Each helmet includes a BLACK visor.

The TT&Co 'Toecutter Helmet Range' has been designed and made to very high safety standards by TT&Company in Tokyo, Japan.

There is a goggle closure at back of the helmet.

Although it has passed the high safety inspection standards for both the Japanese SG standard and the US DOT standard, it does NOT have any British Standard certification yet.

This helmet comes in one size 57cm-58cm, which is a Medium / Large.

It comes with a 20mm Cheek Pad

Some size adjustments can be achieved using the optional extra Cheek Pads and Size Adjustment Sponge

Motorcycle Helmet Size Guide - How To Measure Your Head

Not a safety helmet for riding motorcycles, but a COOL helmet for exhibition, display and collection.