Toecutter Cheek Pads

Toecutter Cheek Pads
Toecutter Cheek PadsToecutter Cheek Pads
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Choose a Size
Select a Size
Toecutter Cheek Pads - pack of 2 in Small or XL (standard for comparison only)

Model: Toecutter

Style: Cheek Pads

Sizes: This optional extra is available in 2 sizes:

  • Small Head
  • Xtra-Large Head

The TT&Co 'Toecutter Helmet Range' has been designed and made to very high safety standards by TT&Company in Tokyo, Japan.

They only come in one size 57cm-58cm, which is a Medium / Large and include a 20mm Cheek Pad

Some size adjustments can be achieved using these optional extra Cheek Pads and / or the Size Adjustment Sponge

Choose the 25mm thick Small Head if your nearer a 56cm-57cm (2 pads in each packet)
Choose the 15mm thick Xtra-Large Head if your nearer a 58cm-59cm (2 pads in each packet)
(the 20mm thick Normal Head is included with the helmet)

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