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We are currently experiencing difficulties in shipping the TT&Co products from Japan and will not be taking orders for the helmets and other TT&Co products.

We do however have some helmets and products in stock, so please email us with your enquiry and we’ll let you know if we can help.

We can also get back to you when things get back to normal in Japan to take your order.

Toecutter Cheek Pads

Toecutter Cheek Pads
Toecutter Cheek PadsToecutter Cheek Pads
Our Price: £26.00
Choose a Size
Select a Size
Toecutter Cheek Pads - pack of 2 in Small or XL (standard for comparison only)

Model: Toecutter

Style: Cheek Pads

Sizes: This optional extra is available in 2 sizes:

  • Small Head
  • Xtra-Large Head

The TT&Co 'Toecutter Helmet Range' has been designed and made to very high safety standards by TT&Company in Tokyo, Japan.

They only come in one size 57cm-58cm, which is a Medium / Large and include a 20mm Cheek Pad

Some size adjustments can be achieved using these optional extra Cheek Pads and / or the Size Adjustment Sponge

Choose the 25mm thick Small Head if your nearer a 56cm-57cm (2 pads in each packet)
Choose the 15mm thick Xtra-Large Head if your nearer a 58cm-59cm (2 pads in each packet)
(the 20mm thick Normal Head is included with the helmet)

Motorcycle Helmet Size Guide - How To Measure Your Head