Super Magnum Distortion Black

Super Magnum Distortion Black
Super Magnum DistortionSuper Magnum Distortion
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Super Magnum Distortion Black
Super Magnum Distortion

Model: Super Magnum

Style: Distortion

Colour: Black

Chin Straps: Black Leather

The paint effect is a dirty, worn, rusted, aged look.

This is a new helmet, not second-hand!

The TT&Co 'Super Magnum' has been designed and made to very high safety standards by TT&Company in Tokyo, Japan.

Although it has passed the high safety inspection standards for both the Japanese SG standard and the US DOT standard, it does NOT have any British Standard certification yet.

It’s egg-shaped shell is bigger than the classic '500-TX' but it's still a very slim fit with a great balance for that classic look.

This style of helmet features the 'Distortion' range, which comes with aged effect, graphics and vintage stitched leather trim.

This helmet comes in three sizes XS 53/54 cm  , S 55/56 cm and M/L 57cm-58cm.

There is a goggle closure at back of the helmet.

Not a safety helmet for riding motorcycles, but a COOL helmet for exhibition, display and collection.

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