Shipping delays due to COVID-19

We are currently experiencing difficulties in shipping the TT&Co products from Japan and will not be taking orders for the helmets and other TT&Co products.

We do however have some helmets and products in stock, so please email us with your enquiry and we’ll let you know if we can help.

We can also get back to you when things get back to normal in Japan to take your order.

Bubble Shield Clear

Bubble Shield Clear
Bubble Shield ClearBubble Shield Clear
Our Price: £62.00
Bubble Shield Clear
Bubble Shield Clear
Bubble Shield Clear

Bubble Shield Clear

It is recommended for the Super Magnum, but will work fine on the 500-TX, although will look large.

Because of the adjustability of the outside snap buttons these shields can be mounted on most open face helmets with three conventional snap buttons.

Should be treated like the visors, fitted and removed with care. 

Please contact us if you have any issues.

For safety make sure the three snap buttons are attached, as it could come off when checking backwards.

The main benefit of these shields is that they can be flipped up. 

This helps to clear the visor if they steam up, but they also work well with an anti fog treatment

N.B. Helmets are NOT included