500-TX Gingira Metal Flake

Available in 3 colours
500-TX Gingira Metal Flake Light Blue500-TX Gingira Metal Flake Light Blue
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500-TX Gingira Metal Flake Silver
500-TX Gingira Metal Flake Orange

Model: 500-TX

Style: Gingira Metal Flake

Colour: This style is available in 3 colours:

  • Light Blue
  • Orange
  • Silver

Rubber Trim with Chrome inserts.

It is an extremely thick type used for vintage helmets.

1970's style metal flake (lame) vintage helmet. 

Large grain flakes are sprayed until the base is not visible.

These helmets are built by hand.

The '500-TX' designed and made by TT&Company in Tokyo, Japan.

Based on the Jet helmet developed for racing by Bell Helmet’s in the 1950’s and is said to be the original shape of the small Jet helmet, displayed in the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1962.

It is the ultimate small shell helmet, fitting snuggly to the head and characterised by the shape that covers both cheeks. 

Available in 4 sizes.

There is a goggle closure at back of the helmet.

Not a safety helmet for riding motorcycles, but a COOL helmet for exhibition, display and collection.

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