Knife B

Knife B
Knife BKnife B
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Knife Holder
Description Eclectic hand-forged knives.   Limited stock. 

Made exclusively for Eclectic motorcycles.  Complete with leather pouch.

An essential tool for any motorcyclist or crafts person.

A beautiful quality tool that will last a lifetime.

  • The knives are carefully hand-forged and heat-treated from 1095 grade high-carbon steel, these knives are inspired by an ancient form of folding knife, variations of which are found all over the world.
  • The handles are carved from Scottish Red Deer antler.
  • The end caps are crafted from coins, as are the washers that hold each end of the rivet.
  • The antlers are both dropped naturally by the deer and as a by-product of sustainably managing British woodland.
  • The antler used is from Red Deer, Roe, Fallow and Sika.

The knives can be a mix of new and salvaged materials: brass, copper, iron, steel sheets, rods and tubes. The blades are hand forged from high carbon steel which are either bought new type O1, W1, W2, Silver steel or from old and otherwise useless files that were made from genuine Sheffield made tool steels.

These high-carbon low alloy steels are used because they make excellent easily sharpened blades and they may be hardened and tempered very accurately by traditional means, without a temperature controlled furnace or sending the blades off to be heat treated. Silver-Steel or Stubs steel has more recently been used for the blades.

This is a old grade of tool steel originally manufactured in Sheffield and used by engineers for tools which had to be exceptionally hard.

Through hard work a method has been found of heat-treating this steel to obtain a very fine grain and edge holding ability and ‘feel’ identical to the tools manufactured by the old methods.

The knives are capable of taking and holding a true razor edge. For sheaths a ‘vegetable’ tanned leather is used, as is can be soaked to be pliable, worked and moulded to the shape of the individual knife and then dyed to any colour. An old penny is used for a fastening button.

The knives are made with an organic process, working with the antler shape and colour to shape the blade and inform the materials, which gives them a greater character than their machine made counter parts.